Edmond Mobile Meals in Edmond, Oklahoma is a non-profit charitable organization, and has operated independently since 1974.

Edmond Mobile Meals Volunteer with Senior

Our mission is to provide nourishing meals to elderly and disabled persons who are unable to prepare meals for themselves. The meals and daily contact by caring volunteers allow frail, homebound persons to remain independent and in their own homes.

Mobile Meals requires a team effort of volunteers of all ages, from retired to young adults. Some help every week, while others volunteer once a month. The generous support of the people of the community, churches, the City of Edmond, and the civic and social organizations has been tremendous.

Volunteers and financial contributors have always been the backbone of this program. Edmond Mobile Meals could not operate without their unselfish support. Volunteers not only deliver meals to homebound disabled people, but perhaps even more importantly, they show their concern, love and compassion. For many clients, volunteers are the only people they see each day and represent their link to the outside world.