Client Spotlight

Meet Stephanie Mundell


Volunteers and clients are the lifeblood of Edmond Mobile Meals and while we have been doing segments highlighting our great volunteers, we thought it was time you get to know our clients as well! So starting this week we will be performing Q&A’s with the friends and neighbors that we serve. The transcripts will be posted here weekly for you to enjoy so stay tuned, some of their stories might surprise you!
Stephanie Mundell is 21 years old and because of an accident early in life she has been confined to a wheel chair. She is one of the most upbeat and positive people we have ever met, her outlook on life is always cheerful and we are so happy that she is our very first client interview.Stephanie Mundell
Q: What are some of your favorite activities?
A: My favorite activities are bowling, hanging out with family, watching the OKC Thunder and helping other people.
Q: What is your favorite kind of music?
A: My favorite music is rock. The local band Hinder came to town at the same time a feature story was done on me. They saw the story and got me backstage passes to their show! I’ve also seen Mötley Crüe in concert.
Q: Are you a cat or dog person?
A: I'm a dog person, proud owner of a little Chihuahua named Sara!
Q: If you were a cartoon character, which would you be and why?
A: I would be Dory from Finding Nemo. I don't have bad memory like her, I just like her sense of humor and her free-spirited attitude!
Q: What has been your favorite meal from Edmond Mobile Meals?
A: Chicken fettuccine alfredo is definitely my favorite.
Q: How has Edmond Mobile Meals helped you?
A: My mom stays busy running errands and ordering my supplies. She doesn't have much time to cook dinner, so EMM really helps us out by delivering the meals.

Thank you Stephanie for letting us get to know you!