Mobile Meals Programs Get Results

Posted on 03/20/2017

  • 1 in 6 seniors in the US struggle with hunger  (10 million Americans)
  • Food insecurity, hunger and malnutrition are strong predictors of chronic & serious illness, including depression, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
  • 16% of seniors in Oklahoma struggle with hunger


  • Edmond Mobile Meals does 3 important things for the homebound seniors & disabled:
    • Serves a nourishing meal to those who are unable to leave their homes due to age, illness or disability.
    • Provides a daily wellness check & contacts family/neighbors or EMT if needed.
    • Provides moments of human connection for those who are otherwise isolated & alone. Reminding them that they are not forgotten by their community.
  • Meals on Wheels programs like Edmond Mobile Meals provide food security to our most vulnerable citizens.
    • 85% of recipients say they eat healthier when receiving a home delivered meal
    • 84% say it improves their health
    • 92% say it helps them stay in their homes.

  • Seniors remaining in their homes, out of hospitals & nursing homes, saves billions in medicare & Medicaid costs.
    • UP to 50% of older adults may be malnourished.
    • 33% of seniors admitted to the hospital are malnourished
      • Malnourished seniors have increased hospital length of stay, increased readmissions, and greater mortality than those seniors who are not malnourished.
    • 1 Year of a Meals on Wheels program is roughly equivalent to the cost of 1 day in the hospital or nursing home.
    • Mobile Meals recipients are less likely to have to choose between paying for their food, medication or rent.
    • Daily delivered meals decreases the likelihood of falling.
    • More than 2.4 million seniors over the age of 65 were treated in emergency departments for injuries from falls in 2012 costing Medicare between $13,797 and $20,450 per fall.  This comes out to about $34 billion each year.

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