Partner Spotlight

Edmond Mobile Meals is so fortunate to have the support of several local businesses and community groups. Here you can read about a featured one each month.

You might wonder how a local landscaping company and a Meals on Wheels program came together to create a partnership that provides nourishing weekend meals for homebound seniors in Edmond, Oklahoma. One might think of restaurants, food service companies or grocery stores to be a more likely fit to support a nonprofit organization that provides food to elderly members of the community.  However, it was Red Valley Landscape and Construction that came forward and committed to a partnership with Edmond Mobile Meals to fill a gap in the program’s services.  

 In a media interview about the partnership Mike Freeman, owner and CEO of Red Valley Landscape and Construction, explained how his company wanted to give back to the community that he calls home and cares for so deeply, "Red Valley is a family-owned business that lives and breathes because of our community and the people who live in it. We are truly blessed in our tremendous success and honored to sponsor such a worthy cause. Edmond Mobile Meals is a true charity in every sense of the word, and we look forward to many, many years of partnership."

 Freeman says, “As a family, and a company, we are committed to giving back through action and service with personal time and resources that serve and make a difference in the lives of others in our community.” Freeman’s family agrees. His son Grady was very close to his great-grandmother who was also a recipient of meals on wheels. Their relationship was the driving force behind this partnership idea. He has been instrumental in planning not only the Let's Eat fundraising event, but participating in the Edmond Mobile Meals teen leadership council as an 8th grade student and coming up with special items and projects to serve the needs of Edmond Mobile Meals clients.

While Edmond Mobile Meals has been delivering meals each weekday for over 40 years, there had never been a meal service option available over weekends. In 2016 Edmond Mobile Meals conducted a survey of clients to discover any nutritional needs that were not being met at the time. For clients who lived alone, the answers indicated they would eat mostly packaged foods over the weekends when Edmond Mobile Meals did not deliver their lunch. Some examples included easy to prepare frozen items, chips or highly processed foods and snacks.  Edmond Mobile Meals researched various options to create a weekend meal program but had not received any external support until Red Valley Landscape and Construction became involved. They were looking for the right opportunity to give back to their community and believed in the mission of Edmond Mobile Meals. After engaging with Edmond Mobile Meals for a few months, Red Valley became further involved with the organization. Their employees began volunteering and delivering meals each month, co-owner Michelle Freeman became a member of the Edmond Mobile Meals Board of Directors, and after learning of the need for healthy weekend meals, Red Valley offered to become a long-term partner and establish a new program for clients in need of that extra assistance on weekends. They created a brand-new fundraising event, now in its 3rd year, called “Let’s Eat!”  The proceeds from this single event fund Edmond Mobile Meals’ weekend meal program year-round. 

Red Valley hosts the Let’s Eat event each June at their outdoor Display Gardens. It includes a gourmet dinner from local restaurants, live entertainment, dancing and a silent auction. They invite vendors and clients to participate, match attendee donations that evening and handle all event preparation. Edmond Mobile Meals supports the event by selling tickets, collecting items for the silent auction and working with participating restaurants. Let’s Eat is a Red Valley company-wide initiative with their staff and family members all participating.  Without the partnership between Red Valley Landscape and Construction and Edmond Mobile Meals, the weekend meal program would not exist and nearly 100 seniors in Edmond would not have nourishing food every weekend.

It just takes one company with a big heart and willingness to help others to make a huge impact on the most vulnerable in a community. Red Valley Landscape and Construction went above and beyond the call of donor. They became a long-term partner with Edmond Mobile Meals to help fill a critical need in the lives of many vulnerable members of the Edmond Community. It’s because of this partnership that Edmond Mobile Meals has delivered over 8,000 weekend meals to homebound seniors in just 2 years. We are extremely grateful for the generosity of Red Valley Landscape and Construction and their commitment to make sure no senior in Edmond goes hungry.

Let's Eat 2019 will be held on June 8 from 6-10pm.  Purchase your tickets here today!