Edmond Mobile Meals Spotlight

EMM Volunteer Sarah Wickersham


Sarah is a monthly driver at EMM and brings her adorable girls with her. Our clients love seeing the bright energetic faces of little kids and I know her kids love delivering to them as well.

SwickershamQ: How did you get involved with Edmond Mobile Meals?
A: When I was in 4th grade, I volunteered with my mom and when we moved to Edmond, I decided it was time find somewhere to get involved. We go to Life Church and saw the booth set up one weekend and thought this would be a great place to serve.

Q:What do you enjoy most about delivering?
A: You can really tell how much bringing the meals by brightens the clients day. The brief moment of interaction energizes them and it's really great to get to know so many people.

Q:How do you think this is making an impact on your girls?
A: Even though they are young, I think this is a good reminder that putting others before yourself is important.

Q: What do you hope to teach them by bringing them with you?
A: I hope that I am teaching them that even if you are busy, there is always time to help those that need you.

Q:Do you have any funny stories from your deliveries?
A: I don't really have any funny stories but moving from Indiana, I think it's weird that so many people have gates. It's been really hard to navigate through them and I'm always worried one is going to close on me.