EMM Volunteer, Steve Foster, November 2014

Posted on 11/03/2014

Q: What is your favorite meal, and why?
A: My favorite meal has to be fried chicken. I grew up in the South and everything was fried. We used to buy this food called "liver pudding.” Sounds gross, doesn't it. It came in a little block and my mother would slice it and fry it for breakfast. Anyway, my mother made delicious fried chicken and today my wife makes excellent fried chicken also.

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island what 2 items would you want to have with you

A: I would have to have "sun screen" and my pillow. My wife tells me I can get sunburned in a closet with a 25 watt bulb so I would need the largest size sunscreen available. Also, my pillow is the "memory foam" type pillow and I take it everywhere we travel. If I somehow forget it on a trip, I begin to get concerned and nervous that whatever pillow the relatives or hotel has will not be right and I will wake up with a bad neck-ache.

Q: If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?
A: I would probably be Dagwood Bumstead. I am not at all lazy like Dagwood, but I like to do my work or job to the upmost and be praised by the boss.

Q: What is your favorite or funniest moment delivering Mobile Meals?
A. My funniest moment delivering "Mobile Meals" actually happened just recently. I am on 15th Street just west of the railroad tracks delivering meals to clients who live in apartments. I go to the yellow colored apartments that we all see as we travel that area...they have to be the ones, right?  There are a significant number of apartments and they are not marked too well. I keep looking, getting frustrated, looking, getting more frustrated. I have been in sales all of my life and know that I am able to find businesses and people. So finally out of desperation, I call Cristi. She gives me the phone # of one of the clients and tells me he is always there. So I call him and I come to find out I am at the wrong apartment complex…I should have been at the ones North of 15th and not South. Evidently, I have trouble with apartments...but I am working on it.

Q: What is your favorite family meal tradition?
A: My favorite family meal tradition has to be Thanksgiving. I love the Fall time of the Year....signaling cooler weather, football, etc. I love the turkey and all of the trimmings...sometimes we get a smoked "Greenberg turkey" from Tyler, Texas or the traditional turkey from the grocery store. We love the turkey, dressing, cranberries, green beans, candied yams, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, rolls, etc. Wonder why I am gaining weight.