Tales of a Temporary Vegan

Posted by Toni Washington on 01/19/2018

Meat. Wonderful, Succulent Meat. Beautiful, Tender Meat.  I miss thee.

My church is in a period of fasting and my choice was to give up noshing on all of the cows, chickens, fish, and pigs.  Somehow, throughout the first week, vegetarianism turned to veganism.  I will not go into my religious awakening but I will give you a run down on the food experience:

One thing about me is that I research things to death.  I can easily become obsessed with a subject, which then becomes all I can think about for weeks and months on end.  When I began this meatless journey, all I knew was the amazing ingredients and dishes I liked were going to be gone for a while.  Therefore, I researched.  I tend to find a lot of my life information from Youtube, not Google.  I typed in "Vegan Recipes" and slew of informational videos were at my fingertips.  As I clicked from one person to the next, I began to finally see just how interesting this lifestyle could be.  I started with one YouTuber who had a few thousand followers, to some with over a million.  The meals went from your standard bowl of vegetables and grains, to those same ingredients being compacted to make a realistic-looking steak complete with grill marks!

Due to financial constraints, I have eaten more peanut butter and quinoa than I care to admit.  The most surprising results, however, has been that I am more full now than in so many past meals.  I have dabbled with the thought of going completely vegan even after this fast but perhaps I need to finish it before making such a declarative statement.  It IS a challenge but perhaps it is something I should look further into for myself…with the occasional ribeye, maybe?


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