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On weekdays, meal delivery volunteers use their own cars and gas to bring hot meals to homebound individuals in the community.  Delivery generally takes about 1½ hours.  Volunteers can deliver as often as their schedules allow.  Corporate and group routes are also available. Current, valid driver's license and auto insurance are required to deliver meals for Edmond Mobile Meals. 

When you arrive at Edmond Mobile Meals:

  • Edmond Mobile Meals Volunteer Delivering Meal to SeniorArrive between 10:30-11:00 am and park on the West side of the building. We do not want meals sent out before 10:30 am because meal recipients often are not ready to eat if it is before 10:45am. Food safety is our top priority so we cannot let recipients leave their meals at room temperature.
  • Sign in on the volunteer sheet in the main room.
  • Read over your route sheet for changes or special instructions.  Do not assume that the same people are on your route each time you deliver.
  • Write your route number and number of meals you need on the white board against the refrigerator on the east side of the main room.
  • Get your milk, bread, salad and/or desserts together (the “cold items”) and pack them in an insulated cooler or meal bag with ice packs (ice packs are located in the small cooler to the left of the milk refrigerator) while you wait for your meals to be brought to you.
  • Place your hot meals inside a separate insulated bag or container from the cold items.  (For food safety and the meal recipients’ protection, hot meals must be separate from cold food items.)
  • Enjoy delivering the meals!

Remember that you have the clients’ trust.  Please respect the confidentiality of all the information communicated to you.  Protect the dignity of the individuals receiving the meals by not discussing their living situations, health conditions, financial status or anything you learn about them with anyone other than an Edmond Mobile Meals staff member.

You are our eyes and ears.  When you arrive to deliver a meal, you become a source of more than food for many clients.  You are a concerned person who checks on the homebound person’s well-being and may be the only person to do this all day.  

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