2023 Impact Report & Message from the Executive Director

Message From the Executive Director

2024: A Year of Transformation

Transformation doesn’t just mean change for the sake of change. It implies growth, metamorphosis, a shift, a renewal. Edmond Mobile Meals continued rapid growth in 2023. We served more meals to more homebound seniors than ever before without putting a single person on a waiting list, and we are preparing for an even bigger year in 2024.

We will celebrate our 50th anniversary this coming April. After serving 1.2 million meals since 1974 we are taking giant leaps in transforming the entire structure of our program. Over the coming months we’ll see our building at 3rd Street transformed into a more modern, efficient work space needed to effectively serve the coming wave of seniors in Edmond.

Our team has already been transformed with the addition of Kim and Matthew, and we’ll likely see more new staff joining us soon. Staff and volunteer roles will transform again when we move back into our newly renovated building.

We stand firmly on the strong foundation built by all of the caring volunteers and previous staff, while we embrace this transformation into the organization that we have become and the wonderful organization that we will be in the future.

Many things may be changing, but the core of our organization remains the same. We believe no senior in Edmond should go hungry or feel forgotten. We exist to serve those in our community who need us, and we need our volunteers more than ever to help us achieve this important mission.

We ask you to join us in our excitement and anticipation of the transformations taking place to ensure no senior in Edmond ever goes hungry!


Cristi Twenter, Executive Director