April 17, 2020

Edmond Mobile Meals is proud to serve on the front line of the COVID-19 response to help keep Edmond’s homebound seniors healthy and safe at home. Since our first bulk delivery on March 26, we’ve delivered 4,530 meals to over 230 homebound clients in Edmond. While our delivery model has temporarily changed, our mission remains the same…to make sure no senior in Edmond goes hungry.
Every week, several healthy volunteers mask up and join us to prepare the deliveries and on Wednesday over 40 volunteers line up in cars and pull up to have frozen prepared meals, sides, fruit and milk loaded up into their cars for delivery with zero contact. Next week is volunteer appreciation week, and there just aren’t enough ways we can say THANK YOU to those who have stepped up to help Edmond Mobile Meals carry out our work!

The supply of prepared meals in our country has been strained, as items for the meals become more difficult to access. But, at Edmond Mobile Meals we’ve worked with multiple reliable vendors throughout the United States to make sure we have enough meals on-hand to serve our clients for the next 6 to 8 weeks.

We’ve received generous support from local philanthropists such as Chad Richison of Paycom, Bob Howard, Valor Bank, and the CarMichael Foundation. And many, many more thoughtful personal gifts from individuals in the community to help us continue to serve our most vulnerable citizens. To all of those who have donated and volunteered, THANK YOU! Every single donation, regardless of size, helps us feed a senior in need.

We miss preparing meals each weekday, and I know our volunteers miss seeing the clients. We’re working hard to stay in contact with those who live alone with a group of volunteers making “friendly calls” a few times a week. We want our clients to feel connected to others in the community even during self-isolation. We’ve also got a list of volunteers ready to visit the grocery store or pharmacy if a client needs something essential and has no other assistance. Our top priority is to keep our at-risk clients safe at home and to make sure they have everything we need.

April 22 is our 46th Anniversary. We’ve almost served a million meals since 1974, and we are looking forward to the day when we can resume our usual daily meal preparation, delivery and celebrate our important milestones with our volunteers and community.

The Staff & Board of Directors of Edmond Mobile Meals