Austin Fugitt

Meet Austin Fugitt

Austin is the Treasurer of the Edmond Mobile Meals Board of Directors. He is a licensed CPA and the Corporate Controller with MIDCON INC. Prior to joining MIDCON, he worked in Public Accounting. He prepared complex and high-net worth tax returns, provided tax planning, as well as litigation support, consulting and courtroom and deposition testimony. Austin has a degree in accounting from the University of Oklahoma. Austin chairs the Edmond Mobile Meals Finance Committee, and heads up the annual Mulligans for Meals Golf Tournament while also serving on several other committees. Thank you, Austin, for all the time and energy you devote to Edmond Mobile Meals! Here is a brief interview with Austin: 


How did you initially get involved with Edmond Mobile Meals?  

I got recruited to be involved by mother-in-law Jan Allen who at the time was on the Board of Directors and serving as a volunteer cook and driver.  I was looking for an opportunity to get involved as a driver and she facilitated that happening.


How long have you served on the Board of Directors? 

I have been serving on the board for 3 years, the last two years as the treasurer.


What is it about the EMM mission that is meaningful to you?  

I was fortunate to get exposed to the Mobile Meals organization at an early age by my grandmother – Ruth Fugitt.  She was one of the founders of Mobile Meals of Oklahoma County and I spent many mornings as a kid riding around in the car with her both cooking and delivering meals, often to individuals who were contemporaries in age to her.  She was one of the first individuals in my life to teach me the act of service to others and the impact of even something like a single hot meal a day could make on an individual.  I am thankful to continue our family’s involvement with Mobiles Meals also to be able to help make a difference in my community.


What is your favorite thing about serving on the Board of Directors at EMM? 

The people that make up the organization (both the staff and the board).  We are fortunate to have a great group of individuals that are united behind this organization, and it makes being a part of it easy and enjoyable.

Why do you believe it is important to serve others in your community? 

In many ways today as a society we have more reasons than ever to be divided from each other (whether through technology or ideology or the things we fill up our lives doing).  However, serving others is something to me that costs very little of ourselves and provides an opportunity to come together as a society to serve a greater good.  Helping people and especially those in your community costs almost nothing, other than our time, but the impact it can have even on an individual is immeasurable.  I want to instill an idea of service with my children and my family just like my grandmother did with me as I grew up.