Toni’s Corner

Coffee Brief

Nov 8, 2020

Soooooooo….it seems we are still in a global pandemic.  I thought we would be back to cooking at EMM regularly by now, but the universe has other plans.  It seems I’ve gotten into a routine of being isolated outside of work and I’ve discovered my “fun” consists of being obsessed with coffee.  It’s funny how now that I have more time, I suddenly Need a dark brew to get the day started.  I wouldn’t be Toni if I didn’t add some razzle dazzle to my morning routine. 

I’ve turned into a very slow riser.  I still head to the office almost every day, I just am able to get there a little later than I did at the beginning of the year.  To avoid interacting with the general public, I spend even more time by myself after the work day is over.  This is where I plant myself in front of endless hours of YouTube videos.  I consume So. Much. Content.
In this consumption, I’ve developed a deep affinity for content involving coffee.  Coffee that takes Tiiiiiiiime to make.  I haven’t bought a pour-over coffee unit yet, but it may or may not be on the Christmas wish list.  I love watching people take their sweet uninterrupted time brewing a teacup amount of espresso.  They have an immense amount of knowledge about every type of bean and how to extract the most flavor.  I want to be those people. 

So in all my coffee love, I must relay that I do like it with some flavoring.  I can’t take it black, I’m not at that level.  Sprouts Kona Blend and Peet’s Coffee are my basic chosen blends.  I’ve had some fancy monthly membership roasted beans, but I still prefer grocery store, ironically.  I also discovered oatmilk this year, and I’ve never looked back!  I prefer the Silk brand Barista Edition, but all Barista versions are so frothy and creamy!  So I use my fancy-ish milk frother and whip up an amazing cup of coffee.

As the weather gets chilly and I continue my hermit life, coffee will continue to be my comfort in this topsy-turvy season of life.