Driver FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Client is not answering door/phone

If you attempt to reach the client at the door with no answer, try to call their phone number listed on the route sheet. If they do not answer the phone either, please call the office at (405)341-3111. Do not leave the meal.

Can I leave a meal?

If a client is not at home, we are not able to leave the meal on the porch or in the residence due to health department requirements. Even if they leave a note or say that they are “on their way home.” It is unsafe to leave meals unattended and could cause serious health problems. When in doubt, call the office at (405)341-3111 and we can assist you.

Client is having medical emergency

On very rare occasions you may encounter a client during a medical emergency. If the client has fallen, please do not attempt to lift them. Please call 9-1-1 immediately and then call the office at (405)341-3111 and someone will come to the residence to take over for you so that you can continue to deliver meals. Follow the 9-1-1 operator’s instructions if client is unresponsive. Do not provide medication or perform medical services unless instructed to do so by a 9-1-1 operator.

I’m concerned about a client

It can be difficult to see a client struggling. If you are concerned about the client’s living environment, physical or mental health, please call the office at (405)341-3111 and we will reach out to their emergency contacts or other appropriate support services.


Many of our clients have pets as their loving companions. We ask clients to make sure to secure their pets before answering the door, however occasionally they will sneak out the front door. You are not responsible for chasing a loose pet. Call the office and we will assist the client. If you feel threatened by an aggressive animal, you DO NOT have to deliver a meal to that residence. Your safety is our priority. Please let the office know if you have a negative encounter with a pet. (405)341-3111

I don't feel safe

If you feel unsafe during a delivery for any reason, exit the situation and drive to a safe location and phone the office. If you encounter any individual (client included) that possesses a weapon or makes verbal or physical threats, leave immediately and call the office at (405)341-3111, and if appropriate call 9-1-1 for police assistance.


Can't get to the residence

If you encounter road blockages, overgrown lawns or branches that make it unsafe or difficult to reach a residence, please do not attempt to deliver a meal. Call the office at (405)341-3111 and we will contact the client, their contacts, and the City of Edmond to correct the problem.

Accepting money

If a client offers you a “tip,” a donation or payment for their meal, please ask them to contact the office at (405)341-3111 and we will assist them. We do not expect volunteers to be responsible for money.

Client asked for a ride

If a client asks for transportation, please ask them to contact the office at (405)341-3111. Volunteers should not transport clients unless there is an established relationship. 

Chores/Maintenance Requests

Clients may sometimes ask for additional assistance around their home. Volunteers should not attempt to do any type of maintenance or chores. It is okay to assist them if the request is easy and safe to complete, such as picking up the newspaper or mail.

Client has a complaint

If a client expresses a complaint or is unhappy with anything related to their meal service, please ask them to call the office and speak with a staff member. Reassure them that we are willing to assist. (405)341-3111

Can I give clients a gift?

You are welcome to gift non-food gifts to clients if you wish.

Can I sell services or products to a client?

Please do not solicit any type of service or product sales from Edmond Mobile Meals clients. If you wish to provide an offer to all clients, please speak with the Executive Director about a sponsorship opportunity.

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To volunteer with Edmond Mobile Meals as a group, please download and complete these 3 forms. Each group member must complete their own forms:

Group Projects

Edmond Mobile Meals offers volunteer opportunities to Edmond’s businesses and community groups that wish to participate in a volunteer project. We have many organizations who drive or work in the kitchen once a month and send different employees each time to help coordinate our efforts.

These local organizations volunteer regularly with Edmond Mobile Meals:

Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Fusion Integration, Summit Rotary, Edmond Economic Development Association, First Presbyterian Church,  Acts2 United Methodist Church, St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church, University of Central Oklahoma, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Red Valley Landscape & Construction, Edmond Fire Department, Edmond Women’s Club, Wallace Family Dentistry and Simmons Bank are among the corporate and community groups volunteering their time.