Just Feed One

Edmond Mobile Meals established a monthly giving program in 2015. The program was inspired by a famous quote from Mother Teresa that says, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”

The Edmond Mobile Meals “Just Feed One” campaign started out with 8 donors contributing a total of $310 per month providing 62 meals each month. Currently, the program has 19 donors contributing $1,425 per month providing 285 meals per month. This year, we hope to find 3 new monthly donors willing to contribute $25 per month to help us provide 300 meals per month for seniors who are unable to contribute towards the cost of their meals.

 The annual costs of providing meals to Edmond’s homebound seniors is approximately $1,200 per client, and in 2021 we served 523 clients. We know it can be overwhelming to think about helping us feed over 200 people each day, but when you help us feed even just one of those seniors, the impact is immediate. Just $25 per month feeds one senior for a week, and $100 will feed a senior for an entire month. Some benefits to monthly giving include:

1) Convenience:
With an automatic monthly donation, you can set it & forget it!

2) Making a smaller donation go a long way:
No matter the amount, monthly donations can provide a big impact when combined with other monthly donations. Every dollar counts. Spreading smaller donations across a year can be more manageable and budget-friendly to donors, while making the same impact.

3) Impact during slower months:
During the holidays many donations arrive to nonprofits. In slower parts of the year, monthly donors are critical to helping meet monthly expenses, helping the organization run smoothly all year long.

4) Supporting Growth:
As demand for Edmond Mobile Meals service skyrockets and the cost of essential supplies increases, support from monthly donors help the organization continue to serve any homebound senior in need of assistance without a waiting list.

To set up automatic monthly donations to Edmond Mobile Meals, follow this link:
www.edmondmobilemeals/donate and select the “monthly” box for a recurring donation.