Local Heroes

Community Heroes

Edmond Mobile Meals is so fortunate to have the support of several local businesses and community groups.

Chad Richison/Richison Family Foundation

When the shelter-in-place recommendation was issued in March of 2020, Edmond Mobile Meals had to dramatically modify our meal service procedures to protect both the vulnerable, homebound clients and our dedicated volunteers. The unprecedented circumstances put an incredible strain our organization to continue to make sure Edmond’s most vulnerable seniors received the meals they depend upon to remain living safely in their own homes.  That’s when Paycom CEO, Chad Richison contacted us asking how he could help.  His family foundation, The Richison Family Foundation, donated $100,000 to help us continue serving meals throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the largest individual gift Edmond Mobile Meals has ever received in its 47-year existence.

Oklahoma City based Paycom was founded by Mr. Richison in 1998 as one of the nation’s first web-based HR and payroll technology companies. In 2014 Paycom became a publicly traded company and now has approximately 31,000 clients across the United States and over 2,500 employees. The company values include a passion for service with a helpful spirit, doing what is right and then adding more.

Paycom’s corporate values are reflected in Mr. Richison’s personal generosity and belief in helping vulnerable residents in times of crisis. He said, “It’s important at-risk citizens have the ability to safely receive meals during this pandemic. This is another means to ensure Oklahoman’s have access to food. Together, we will get through this.”

The gift from the Richison Family Foundation allowed Edmond Mobile Meals to provide over 22,000 meals to 220 homebound seniors in Edmond throughout 2020. We are incredibly grateful to Chad Richison for his support in helping us continue our mission of making sure no senior in Edmond goes hungry during such a difficult time.

Valor Bank


Valor Bank is one of Edmond Mobile Meals’ valued community partners. This locally owned bank supports the Edmond community with their Giving Vision.  Each year they donate 10% of their annual profits to local non-profit organizations. Edmond Mobile Meals is honored to be a partner with Valor Bank!

Valor Bank became involved with Edmond Mobile Meals through their Accounting Manager, Miguel Gonzalez. Miguel spent countless hours volunteering and was also a member of the Edmond Mobile Meals Board of Directors.

There are many similarities between Valor Bank and Edmond Mobile Meals. Both organizations are dedicated to joyfully serving the community of Edmond, and both provide more than just a basic service. Edmond Mobile Meals volunteers provide company and a wellness check while delivering a nourishing meal to homebound citizens, while the Valor Bank team is guided by integrity and faithfulness as they lead each customer step by step through a multitude of needs like buying a first home, starting a savings account for college funds, or refinancing business debts.

Valor believes strongly in supporting local nonprofits in Edmond. Carolyn Vance, one of the founders of Edmond Mobile Meals said, “miracles can happen when a community of people who care combines with their efforts and work together in service.” As a locally owned bank, Valor Bank understands the importance of a community that helps meet the needs of one another and believe love and generosity are the foundations of a thriving community. The local businesses that invest back in the community through the efforts of local nonprofits will be the distinguishing factor for a community that withstands for generations to come.

Josh Litsch, President & CEO of Valor Bank, elaborates on why they are happy to support Edmond Mobile Meals. “Valor Bank supports Edmond Mobile Meals because we believe in the work they are doing to serve our community.  Their board, staff, and volunteers are passionate about their mission to feed homebound elderly and disabled persons. We’ve seen firsthand how their meals and interactions make a positive difference with the people they serve.”

Edmond Mobile Meals and Valor Bank continue working together to make sure no senior in Edmond ever goes hungry.

Vance Family

The Vance Family has been involved with Edmond Mobile Meals since its founding in 1974. Carolyn Vance was the co-founder and first Director of Edmond Mobile Meals. Carolyn had a generous heart for giving to the community and noted “This project is a true witness to the miracle that can happen when a community of people who care combine their efforts and come together in service”.

Edmond Mobile Meals has come a long way from serving just six meals a day in 1974, and the Vance Family is still instrumental in helping make sure that we continue the legacy of Carolyn’s vision.  In November of 2020 Carolyn’s sons, Brian and John Vance, joined us in the delivery of our ONE MILLIONTH MEAL in Edmond.

The Vance Family believes in service to those in need in our community.  Brian Vance said “Edmond Mobile Meals is the best grass roots civic program that Edmond has ever had.” He notes that it has helped him become more interested in the welfare of those we share the community with. John adds; “Edmond Mobile Meals was one of the greatest accomplishments of his mother’s life because it was completely focused on helping others.”

Midcon Data

Midcon Data Services has been a community partner with Edmond Mobile Meals for many years. In 2014, Jan Allen joined the Board of Directors and encouraged others at Midcon to get involved. In 2020, Midcon’s Austin Fugitt joined the Board of Directors to continue the partnership with Edmond Mobile Meals and he also delivers a route of meals once a month.

Midcon is a locally owned business founded in 1984 by Randy Allen and now has multiple divisions, including Midcon Data Services, Midcon Seismic Data Brokerage, Midcon Recovery Solutions, and Midcon Property Management.  Disaster recovery, climate-controlled document storage, medical data destruction, and data-intensive energy-based projects are sensitive, stressful, and expensive which is why Midcon is the leader in storage and data management.

Both Edmond Mobile Meals and Midcon feel called to give back to the community by providing resources and serving those in need. Midcon believes in supporting nonprofit organizations in the Edmond community because of the valuable resources nonprofits offer that fill the gap in areas of immediate and ongoing needs that vulnerable residents have that would otherwise go unfulfilled. They are honored to share their time with Edmond Mobile Meals clients and thankful to serve them.   

Midcon sponsors many events and projects each year to support Edmond Mobile Meals, including the annual golf tournament and EdFest, and in early 2021 before we could resume daily meal service, they sponsored a restaurant initiative to provide meals twice a week to our homebound clients through local restaurants who had struggled financially through the pandemic. Thus, not only supporting our mission to make sure no senior in Edmond goes hungry, but also to lift other local businesses.  We are proud to partner with Midcon and to call them a community hero!


Edmond Mobile Meals has been a Mission Partner with Life.Church-NW Oklahoma City since 2015.  Life.Church partners with local nonprofits to encourage their members to get involved in their local communities.

Life.Church believes the local church is the hope of our communities, which is why they are committed to providing relief and restoration to their communities through partnerships with local organizations. Since the partnership began in 2015, more than XXX Life.Church members have volunteered with Edmond Mobile Meals, including their local leadership teams.

Stuart Richardson is the Life Groups/Life Missions Pastor for the NW Oklahoma City Campus. He explains why the partnership with Edmond Mobile Meals is important to their church. “At Life.Church, we carefully select Local Mission Partners that affect positive change in five key areas: families, education, well-being, justice, and community empowerment. For several years, we have partnered with Edmond Mobile Meals because of the way you value community empowerment: assisting neighbors in need, providing relief and restoration.”

Carol & Mike Wilson

Carol Wilson began volunteering with Edmond Mobile Meals back when we had a just one volunteer “employee” position and just a few routes.  She has watched the program flourish into many more routes, more volunteers, more employees, better meals, weekend meals, special treats for the clients and more.  She believes that the program has become an outstanding service to our community thanks to wonderful directors, employees, and volunteers. Carol loves getting to know the clients on her delivery routes, and it gives her great satisfaction to know that she has helped brighten their day. She knows that besides the nutritious meals, we provide possibly the only human contact for the day, a chance to brag about grand and great-grandchildren, a willing ear during more difficult times and important well checks. 

Carol and Mike strongly believe in supporting their community. They are honored to share their gifts with those in our community who have less or are in circumstances where they just need a little help from caring people. The Wilsons believe it benefits the whole community to take care of our elders and assist them in staying in their own homes for as long as possible.  And when they find an organization whose goals are consistent with theirs, they think it is important to help those nonprofits accomplish their hard work by giving whatever we can towards that end. 

While Carol has volunteered for other organizations, Edmond Mobile Meals has continued to be the most enduring, consistent, organized, and well-run with a loving, caring attitude.  She considers being a driver to be the easy, fun cog in a great wheel of hard work by the good people at Mobile Meals. 

When Carol first started delivering meals, she did it on her own, but now she shares the duties with a couple of her good friends which makes it even more fun. They have a wonderful time driving around, talking, laughing, and trying not to get lost. She also delivers meals with her son and grandchildren.  Her son is now regularly volunteering, and her grandchildren love to come along sometimes, too.  The little ones can readily see how easy it can be to have a big, cheery impact on others’ lives.  It has provided them with their first example of the importance of giving to their community and they receive immediate gratification from the appreciation of the clients.

Carol says “The clients always thank us, but our message to them is the truth – that we love seeing them, but we are only part of a team.  The hard workers, the organizers and cooks who stay behind, are the real heroes on our winning team.” 

Edmond Mobile Meals is so grateful for the dedication and support from the Wilson family!

Homes by Taber

Homes by Taber was founded in 2000 by Taber and Julie LeBlanc and has grown to be the largest home builder in Oklahoma. This local business first supported Edmond Mobile Meals in 2019, as one of the nonprofit recipients of their philanthropic Taber Cares program.  The Taber Cares program selects charities through an annual application process. Edmond Mobile Meals was honored to have been selected as a beneficiary of the Taber Cares program again in 2021. Julie LeBlanc told us why they choose to support Edmond Mobile Meals.  “Edmond Mobile Meals is near and dear to our hearts because we’ve all had loved ones at some type in our lives that became home bound and depended on family and friends.  Getting the opportunity to help provide and deliver a warm meal with a friendly face and smile is the least we could do for our community! We love Edmond Mobile Meals and their dedication to our community!”  In the first half of 2021, Taber Cares donated $235,000 to twelve different nonprofit organizations in the area.

Taber Cares not only provides generous financial support to local nonprofits, but also looks for volunteer opportunities for their employees to get involved allowing them to volunteer during work hours. Teams of Homes by Taber employees have delivered meals with us on many occasions.

Taber LeBlanc believes in the power of community and giving back. He said, “I want to do so much more than just donate money. That’s the easy part. I want to use the power of my company and our relationships with our business partners to make an impact by being involved. We work to serve our customers every day. We’re ready to take that to the next level and serve our community with our Taber Cares charity initiative. That’s what our Taber Cares initiative is all about.”

Volunteer Hero

Tyler Conrad

Edmond Mobile Meals would like to honor Tyler Conrad from RadVine Marketing as our featured local hero for the month of February.

Tyler has been instrumental in helping us continue to serve Edmond’s most vulnerable seniors throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  He has volunteered with us every week since March of 2020. His dedication to serving our community is inspiring! Each Wednesday Tyler assists with the distribution of over a thousand meals and helped us serve over 45,000 meals in the last year.

Tyler also supported us with the celebration of our One Millionth Meal delivery in November, and the creation of several videos to help us publicize the benefits of our program in Edmond. Volunteers like Tyler inspire others in our community to step forward and assist those in need. We are so grateful that he chooses to devote his time, energy, and passion to Edmond Mobile Meals!

We hope you have a wonderful Birthday on February 4th! Thank you so much for all you do!