Local Heros

Volunteer Hero

Michelle Hara

The Edmond Mobile Meals staff and Board of Directors would like to thank Michelle for the unbelievable amount of time (Blood, Sweat & Tears) to assisting one of our clients who was in need of far more than a daily meal.

Mr. C was living in an extremely unsafe and unhealthy situation. Michelle recognized that he needed an extra hand, and so she jumped right in. (Literally….see photo above).

Michelle spent countless hours cleaning, organizing, driving, shopping, appointment-hopping, and hole digging to assist John so that he might be able to remain living in his home. If you drive this route, you know first hand how much of a difference Michelle has made in his quality of life.

THANK YOU, Michelle, for the love you have shown to John and many other clients since you’ve been a volunteer at Edmond Mobile Meals.

We hope you know how lucky we feel to have you volunteer with our program!

Here’s a little interview with Michelle. If you see her around, give her a high five!

Q: How long have you been volunteering with Edmond Mobile Meals & what do you do?
A: I’ve been volunteering at EMM for about 3 years or so. Time flies when you’re having fun! I deliver meals.

Q: What initially interested you in volunteering with Edmond Mobile Meals?
A: It was an opportunity to help people in need in the community and a much better use of my free time than watching TV!

Q: What do you enjoy most about serving with our organization?
A: I enjoy meeting the clients and making them smile. They are always grateful for the service Edmond Mobile Meals provides.

Q: Why do you think it is important to serve the community you live in?
A: A community that has a strong base of volunteers will thrive under any circumstances. Edmond has a great group of volunteers who show up to help at our fun events, but also in times of need. It is rewarding to be a part of something bigger than your own family and to meet and work with like minded people.

Q: What has been your favorite (or most memorable) moment/experience as a volunteer with Edmond Mobile Meals?
A: Helping Mr.C. has been rewarding. It was something I had the time for, so I volunteered to clean his home so he could stay there. There were times when the task was a bit overwhelming…like the day the pipe broke in the front yard and I volunteered to dig to find the pipe that was supposedly only 2 feet down. As the hole kept getting deeper and deeper, eventually 4 feet deep, I was laughing at myself and asking “what have you gotten yourself into now?” All in all, 4 months of perseverance paid off. John is happier and healthier and it is nice to make a difference one person at a time. I wonder who will need my help next and what the challenge will be.

Client Hero

Dorris Johnson

Q: Can you tell me a little about yourself?
A: Well, my husband was in the military for 23 ½ yrs. After a while, I retired in california before moving to Oklahoma in 2008. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in Oklahoma its the crazy weather! Coming from California I was also shocked experiencing the earthquakes here. They are small in comparison, but normally you wouldn’t think of them being that way in this part of the country! The last job I worked was a part time gig at Memorial Edmond high school. I was retired at the time also but just looking for something to fill my spare time.

Q: What is your favorite childhood memory?
A: I loved to play jax as a kid, we also play games here in the apartments and were just talking about this earlier! Other than that, I started reading pretty early at 9 years old. We had a teacher who actually lived next door to us growing up. I was sitting on the steps one day, and she started to talk to me about reading. Some of the first books I went through were Drum and Drum Major written by Kyle Onstott. The series follows a slave in the south and shows some of the tragedies of slavery at the time. Later on I got into the book The Learning Tree as well. Soon after I was shown some of these books, I joined a book club at school and have enjoyed reading ever since!

Q: Favorite place you’ve traveled?
A: Turkey, I really just loved the mix of the old and the new there. Some of the architecture was a sight to see. Also, to sit and watch the caravans and nomads moving by the roads in the afternoon was an experience! Traffic was crazy though! All the drivers seemed to blow their horns for no particular reason. You will probably get hit if you are in the street!
Some of their standards and customs would definitely stick out to westerners. One specific example is that if a shepherd were to be hit (by a car), they are to be left in place for three days to let other nomads pass by and identify them. This might sound odd but it is just a courtesy so the news of someone’s death could be passed on to loved ones. Food was also one of the great things in Turkey, you could get a full meal with multiple courses for just $5.00-$7.00!

Q: What are some of your favorite meals?
A: I honestly love most of the dishes that Edmond Mobile Meals sends out. One thing that I think should be pointed out is the variety given to those who use the service. For some of the seniors, it could actually be one of the only meals they have that day. Mobile meals makes sure that they get veggies, protein, and you can’t forget the desserts!

Q: What advice would you give to young people?
A: I would say to stick to being yourself and keep your beliefs throughout life. God will lead the way in a lot of situations when you aren’t even aware of it!