Meet Board Member Lindsey Clark

Meet Lindsay Clark

Lindsay has been serving on the Edmond Mobile Meals Board of Directors in some capacity for nearly 10 years, but she has been volunteering since she was a child. Lindsay’s family believes in giving back to the community, and many of them (if not all) have supported Edmond Mobile Meals in some way or another. Lindsay is currently the Vice President of Commercial Lending with Valliance Bank. She serves as the Chair of the EMM Resource Development Committee and sits on several other committees. She has volunteered in every role possible at Edmond Mobile Meals, and is a true example of selflessness. Here is a brief interview with Lindsay: 


How did you initially get involved with Edmond Mobile Meals?  

I have been riding along delivering meals for EMM with my family since I was a kid. When I started my career in banking, I helped get our bank involved in a Meals on Wheels program, and then eventually as I moved to a bank in Edmond joined EMM to drive and serve on the Board of Directors. 


How long have you served on the Board of Directors? 

I am starting my second round of serving on the Board of Directors, so it is my 7th year on the board. During my year off the board, I continued to serve on Edmond Mobile Meals committees to stay engaged with the program. 


What is it about the EMM mission that is meaningful to you?  

Edmond Mobile Meals provides not only a nutritious, fresh, and delicious meal to those that may otherwise not have one, but we provide a well check and friendships to our clients. 


What is your favorite thing about serving on the Board of Directors at EMM? 

My favorite thing about serving on the Board is seeing how great of an impact we have in our community. Edmond’s seniors rely on us and we deliver!

Why do you believe it is important to serve others in your community? 

It is important to me to serve in our community through Edmond Mobile Meals because we are truly taking care of those that built Edmond and made it the beautiful, family friendly, and welcoming community we live in today.