Meet Board Member Liz Haralson

Meet Liz Haralson

Liz has served on the Edmond Mobile Meals Board of Directors since 2016 and has been a volunteer since 2014. Liz delivers meals to our clients on Route 9 twice a month and has volunteered at every fundraising event since she became a board member. Liz is currently Vice President and Relationship Manager for Bank of America.  She serves as the Chair of the EMM Strategic Growth Committee. We are so grateful for Liz’s contribution to Edmond Mobile Meals over the past 6 years. Here is a brief interview with Liz: 


How did you initially get involved with Edmond Mobile Meals?  

My friend, Cristi Twenter, was the Assistant Director in 2014. I was looking for an opportunity to give back to the community and she encouraged me to try delivering meals with Edmond Mobile Meals. I loved it and have been doing it ever since.


How long have you served on the Board of Directors? 

This is my 6th, and final year, to serve on the Board of Directors. 


What is it about the EMM mission that is meaningful to you?  

Ensuring that no senior or homebound citizen goes hungry or without human connections.

What is your favorite thing about serving on the Board of Directors at EMM? 

My favorite thing is experiencing and witnessing all of the exceptional things we are doing in the community and for our seniors.


Why do you believe it is important to serve others in your community? 

It’s just humanity to help others.  Being able to show compassion and provide for others in your community creates a sense of togetherness.