Toni’s Corner

Musings: Cantankerous Edition

Oct 16, 2019

  • Am I the only person in all of America who hates the whole idea of brunch?  When invited, I inwardly cringe. Give me breakfast (6-9am) or lunch (11am-1pm).  Keep your odd brunch hours!  Shall I starve myself for our 10am brunch date, or eat a bowl of cereal in preparation?  The confusion!
    • But I still need the requests to come, I like having the opportunity to decline. Don’t take me out of the group chat!
  • Fried chicken sandwiches need some acidic element.  People who eat them with no accoutrements possibly still have their baby teeth.
  • On pizza, I order double or triple mushrooms.  I only ask for additional toppings to not appear completely insane to food service workers.
  • Why does homemade iced coffee taste completely different from all coffee shops?  What potions and spells are you adding to my vanilla iced coffee?
  • In all my 3+ decades of living, I still see no reason for prosciutto.  I’ve tried it in every ‘cheffy’ way, and I just can’t like it.  To me it tastes like a piece of sub-par Canadian bacon wanted to be ‘normal’ but was like “naw” at the last minute of transformation.