Toni’s Corner


Aug 8, 2017

  • I love fried eggs; however, fried DUCK eggs overwhelm my palate. I have to eat a whole tomato to combat the richness.
  • I have a mental battle between wanting restaurants to succeed, and wanting to be the sole customer for peace and quiet. It is probably best that local restaurant success is not dependent upon my mood…or patronage.
  • There is a Filipino dessert called Halo-Halo. I imagine that with the right combination of candied fruit and ice cream, it is the same flavor of clouds at sunrise.
  • Last meal: Bone-in wing drummettes. All ways. Always…but I will take lemon pepper if forced to make a choice. *I will post an ode to wings one of these days*
  • I crave fish and salad every day. My settling is burgers and fried chicken. This is probably the only case in all of the land where one should go with their initial cravings….”But m-o-o-o-o-o-m, it’s so much work!”
  • My duty before my birthday is to find the perfect breakfast sandwich. I have less than a week to search high and low for this elusive handheld delicacy.