Nonprofit Organizations Represent Edmond’s Core Values

​Edmond, OK March 20, 2023 – In Edmond, we believe in taking care of one another. Nonprofit organizations serve a vital role in the Edmond community. We fill the gaps for residents who need assistance meeting their basic needs such as food, utilities, rent and clothing.

Many nonprofits in Edmond receive funding from the Community Agency Review Commission (known as CARC). Funding allocated to nonprofit agencies each year is a small percentage of the City’s annual operating budget. Last year it was approximately a quarter of one percent of the total budget. Funding received through this program includes a rigorous application process. Applicants complete a funding request packet that includes financial audits, detailed descriptions of how funding will be used within the organizations, and specific outcome measures. Additionally, each nonprofit considered for funding meets with a committee composed of Edmond residents who interview and question each applicant thoroughly. Funds are not simply given freely.

Nonprofit programs use CARC funding to provide meals to the homebound elderly, shelter, basic groceries, clothing, and utilities to low-income families, and vital assistance to Edmond’s youth and teachers. Individuals who receive services from most, if not all, must meet specific qualifications. In addition, CARC funds are also used to enrich the community, serving all Edmond residents, with support of history, art and community events, making Edmond a destination for visitors and residents alike.
Our footprint in the community is large, and much of our work is behind the scenes so that the beneficiaries of our services can live in Edmond without negative stereotypes. We serve your neighbors, co-workers, and members of your church. We operate with small paid staff and rely on the generosity of dedicated community volunteers to accomplish our missions of serving others.

The recipients of our services are residents and taxpayers in Edmond. Although each nonprofit works within our community to operate with diversified funding streams, the funding provided through the CARC program allows them to serve more Edmond residents. Without funding support from the City of Edmond’s CARC program, many nonprofits would be required to reduce or eliminate crucial services that benefit the entire community, from infants to the elderly. For many of your neighbors, our assistance is a lifeline.
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This joint statement was written and submitted by the Executive Directors of the following Nonprofit organizations; Edmond Mobile Meals, HOPE Center of Edmond, Project 66, Edmond Public Schools Foundation, Fine Arts Institute of Edmond, Fostering Sweet Dreams, LibertyFest, Turning Point Ministries, UR Special Ministries, and the Edmond Historical Society and Museum.