Planned Giving

As valued volunteers, donors and clients know and appreciate, Edmond Mobile Meals is reliant on the generosity of its wonderful supporters to be able to provide its services and fulfill the mission of providing nourishing meals to elderly and disabled persons who are unable to prepare meals for themselves. Many donors quickly become lifetime contributors supporting the wonderful services Edmond Mobile Meals provides to the community and for that, Edmond Mobile Meals is forever grateful.

What if you could continue to support this vital mission following your lifetime? Planned Giving is a wonderful way to extend your legacy of supporting Edmond Mobile Meals for years, and even generations, to come. In short, Planning Giving is simply arranging a gift in the present to be given later. Almost everyone can make a planned gift.

The most common method of providing a planned gift is by bequest in a will or trust. The bequest can be a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the donor’s estate. In addition to cash gifts, Planned Giving can include gifts of retirement funds, real estate, vehicles, annuities, securities or other assets, which can potentially provide a reduction in tax liabilities.

Planned Giving contributions to an endowment, donor advised fund, or charitable trust, in addition to other Planned Giving tools, can deliver recurring annual gifts, ensuring the continued support for generations to come. In many instances, donors have the option to designate how these funds are utilized in support of the mission.

Your legacy can continue shine for year to come with Planned Giving. More information can be found on the donate page of this website, under the Planned Giving tab, or you can reach to learn more about Planned Giving by contacting Cristi Twenter at You will be glad you did!