Toni’s Corner

Tales of a Temporary Vegan #2: New Year, Old Me?

Jan 20, 2020

As we near the beginning of a new year, I am contemplating my annual two week return to veganism.  We observe a time of fasting and praying at church at the start of each new year and becoming a vegan is how I observe the fasting portion.  It is not necessarily something I dread, but it IS something I need to prepare for mentally and physically.  Last year, I struggled and ended up eating Chipotle’s vegan menu options at least three times each week.  It was my saving grace to get full and feel like I was eating flavor.
I would like to expand my horizons into doing more cooking this time of fasting.

Although this blog post should be most about veganism, I will now delve into one of my deepest, darkest secrets….I don’t really like cooking anymore.  I can hear the gasps all around.  I know people are falling out of their chairs in awe and wonder, but sadly it’s true.  I won’t say I hate it but, in life outside of work, I prefer entertaining to cooking.  I like to arrange already prepared items rather than work from scratch.  I am a hostess rather than the executive chef, at least at home.

Even though cooking is not my favorite thing to do these days, I feel it is my duty to fall back in love with it in 2020.   I want to feel like I used to as a kid, making my own creations (and messes) with my Easy Bake Oven.  I’ve forgotten what it feels like to really enjoy making a meal from scratch.  I’ve had many blunders at home cooking for myself this year and I think it’s caused me to lose my spark.  My dad mentioned in casual chattering one visit that it has become pretty clear that I don’t want to cook for family anymore.  I’m not sure how I feel about it, but he’s not wrong.  Assisting in the kitchen over the Christmas holiday was fine but I couldn’t help thinking sometimes, “This would’ve been better if we got this catered.”

So how do I remedy this lackadaisical attitude towards an activity I used to love to the point of obsession?  I shall start with the exciting adventures of veganism.  I’ve already began looking at tons of recipes trying to get my brain wired to bid farewell to steaks and dairy.  I’m sure my doctor will be happy for me to give up those two vices if only for a little while.  I have enough tools and equipment but I’m still working on the gumption to get excited.  I admire people who cook at home or restaurants every day.  I definitely haven’t lost my zeal for good food, I just don’t cook it. To not end this post on a sour note, I am determined to get back to the girl who was geeked to drive all over the entire OKC area just to procure ingredients for one very fancy bowl of homemade Caesar dressing.  2020 is my year to return to the old me.