Toni’s 10th Anniversary

August 14, 2022, marks the 10th Anniversary of our amazing Chef/Director of Food Services, Toni Washington.  Toni has been instrumental in the progress of Edmond Mobile Meals, and she has personally prepared over 520,000 nourishing meals in the last decade!

Toni’s accomplishments during her tenure at Edmond Mobile Meals are many. She graduated from Culinary School while working here full-time.  In 2015 she created the Little Chefs Learn to Serve program. Over 5 summers, alongside other local chefs, she led three sessions of international cooking classes to inspire a love of food and service for kids between the ages 9 to 11.

Planning and preparing up to 250 meals each day for a vulnerable population is no easy task! Toni’s passion for cooking from the heart is evident in the care she puts into menu development for our elderly clients. She’s developed connections with local farms to secure fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables which are difficult for our clients to obtain on their own. She often visits with clients about what type of meals they love and keeps those in rotation on the monthly menu. Toni’s meals are not only nourishing, but they are also exceptionally delicious. The holidays can be particularly difficult for homebound seniors, especially for those whom cooking family meals is no longer possible. But Toni always goes the extra mile to make sure our clients have special dishes so they can continue to enjoy holiday favorites.

Ask any kitchen volunteer and they’ll tell you that one of the main reasons they volunteer at Edmond Mobile Meals is because of Toni. She makes meal preparation fun and takes a genuine interest in all the volunteers. Her talent and creativity are boundless, and we are inspired by her every single day!

Edmond Mobile Meals is so fortunate to have Toni at the helm of the kitchen.  If you see her during August, be sure to give her a wave and let her know how very cherished she is by all of us at Edmond Mobile Meals!