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Edmond Mobile Meals relies on the steadfast support from volunteers to serve nearly 300 home-delivered meals each day. At Edmond Mobile Meals, we deliver more than just a meal to our homebound clients. We provide crucial moments of human connection and wellness checks to help our clients remain living in their own homes for as long as possible.

We always need new volunteers in each of the following categories:


Kitchen Volunteers

*December 2023: At this time we are not in need of new kitchen volunteers.

Group Projects

Become a Volunteer

Use the link below to become a volunteer. We do not accept volunteers looking to complete court-ordered community service.

Remember, your application is not complete until you take the background check. A staff member will contact you to complete the final step of completing the required background check. 

 Complete Online Background Check with Verified Volunteers.  (used good deed code: fd3p5la)

For the safety of all Edmond Mobile Meals clients, staff and volunteers, potential volunteers are required to pass a Background Check prior to volunteering. The complete Background Check policy can be downloaded for review.

Download the Background Check policy

Volunteers are expected to review the Edmond Mobile Meals volunteer handbook that contains the Drivers’ Procedure and Responsibilities, Meal Preparation and Packing Responsibilities, General Information and more.

Volunteer Resources


Volunteer Application


On weekdays, meal delivery volunteers use their own cars and gas to bring hot meals to homebound individuals in the community.  Delivery generally takes about 2 hours.  Volunteers can deliver as often as their schedules allow.  Corporate and group routes are also available. Current, valid driver’s license and auto insurance are required to deliver meals for Edmond Mobile Meals. Volunteer drivers must be 18 years old to deliver meals on their own. Children and teens under 18 are always welcome to ride along with an adult.

When you arrive at Edmond Mobile Meals:

  • Arrive between 10:30-11:00 am and park on the West side of the building. We do not want meals sent out before 10:30 am because meal recipients often are not ready to eat if it is before 10:45am. Food safety is our top priority so we cannot let recipients leave their meals at room temperature.
  • Read over your route sheet for changes or special instructions.  Do not assume that the same people are on your route each time you deliver.
  • Get your milk, bread, salad and/or desserts together (the “cold items”) and pack them in an insulated cooler or meal bag with ice packs (ice packs are located in the small cooler to the left of the milk refrigerator) while you wait for your meals to be brought to you.
  • Place your hot meals inside a separate insulated bag or container from the cold items.  (For food safety and the meal recipients’ protection, hot meals must be separate from cold food items.)
  • Enjoy delivering the meals!

Remember that you have the clients’ trust.  Please respect the confidentiality of all the information communicated to you.  Protect the dignity of the individuals receiving the meals by not discussing their living situations, health conditions, financial status or anything you learn about them with anyone other than an Edmond Mobile Meals staff member.

You are our eyes and ears.  When you arrive to deliver a meal, you become a source of more than food for many clients.  You are a concerned person who checks on the homebound person’s well-being and may be the only person to do this all day.


*December 2023: At this time we are not in need of new kitchen volunteers.

A meal preparation volunteer helps cook, package the meals in time for delivery, and clean the kitchen.  No professional cooking experience is required, and cooking is done each day in groups of 4–5.

  • Please arrive between 8:00 – 8:15am and expect to stay until 11:00-11:30am.
  • Park on either the East or West side of the building but not in the neighboring businesses’ parking lots to the east of Edmond Mobile Meals.
  • We recommend you dress comfortably, keeping in mind that the kitchen gets hot, and wear closed-toe shoes for your own safety.

In compliance with State Health Regulations, we ask that you adhere to the following:

  • If experiencing any of the symptoms listed, please DO NOT come in, but instead call the Edmond Mobile Meals office so we can make other arrangements. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, fever and excessive coughing. Must be free of symptoms for 24 hours before returning.
  • Before working with food, you must wash your hands with warm water and soap in the hand washing sink in the kitchen. (Health code requires hand-washing for at least 20 seconds to prevent bacteria growth)
  • Please wear an apron and gloves that we will supply.
  • Please wear a hair net or have your hair tied back to keep hair from contaminating food.
  • Remove your apron and gloves in the kitchen before using the restroom or emptying garbage, then re-wash in hand sink and re-glove in the kitchen.
  • Turn and sneeze or cough into your elbow instead of your hand or glove.
  • If you contaminate your hand (from the elbow down) by touching your hair, face, cell phone, nose, clothing, etc., you must re-glove.
  • The Health Department prohibits the consumption of food and beverages during food handling.  Please do not take any food or drinks into the kitchen area while the serving line is active.  We welcome you to enjoy beverages and snacks in the main room before and after working in the serving line.
  • Sanitize all utensils, pots, pans, and equipment before using.
  • When opening new products for the first time, date the container with an “opened on” date.
  • Do not pick up anything off the floor; wait until cooking and serving is completed. (Kick out of the way with your foot and, if you must, re-wash and re-glove.)
  • After dishes are washed, rinsed, and sanitized, allow them to air dry or use paper towels.
  • If you have an open sore, please use a Band-Aid and double glove.

Group Projects

Edmond Mobile Meals offers volunteer opportunities to Edmond’s businesses and community groups that wish to participate in a volunteer project. We have many organizations who drive or work in the kitchen once a month and send different employees each time to help coordinate our efforts.

These local organizations volunteer regularly with Edmond Mobile Meals:

Edmond Summit Rotary Club, EEDA, Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce, Acts 2 United Methodist Church, St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church, University of Central Oklahoma, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Edmond Fire Department, Edmond Women’s Club, Edmond Police Department, Innovative Healthcare, Midcon Data, Homes by Taber