Tips for Seniors

Winter Weather Tips for Seniors

Dec 23, 2019

It is officially Winter in Oklahoma which means we can have a wide variety of weather that varies from day to day. Just like storm season, we must prepare ourselves for whatever Mother Nature brings us.

Below are some important weather tips to keep you safe and warm during this Winter Season.


1. Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning –

Using a fireplace, gas heater or lanterns can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Please check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector or purchase a new one if needed.


2. Be Aware of Fire Hazards –

If using a fireplace, electric/gas heater or heated blankets, make sure that you turn them off when not in sight and keep them clear of blankets or items that could catch on fire. Have a loved one test your smoke alarms and if needed replace the batteries or alarm. The Edmond Fire Department offers a service to residents to provide and install regular smoke alarms or alarms for the hearing impaired. They can be reached at (405) 216-7304.


3. Prepare for Power Outages –

Ice storms can cause widespread power outages that can leave us without power for days. You can prepare by making sure that you have batteries in your flashlights and a battery powered radio. Store warm blankets in an easily accessible place and keep a supply of non-perishable foods that can be eaten cold. If power does go out, wear several layers of clothing, including a hat. If you can move around safely as movement keeps your body temperature up and will help you stay warm.


4. Avoid Slipping on Ice –

If possible, avoid getting outside in icy or snowy conditions. Ask a neighbor, loved one or possibly your Edmond Mobile Meals driver to get your mail or take your trash to the curb. Even the slightest bit of icing can cause one to slip and fall which could lead to broken bones or even traumatic head injuries. If you must venture out, please wear shoes that have traction and use a cane that has a good tip to make walking easier. Remove your shoes once indoors as often ice and snow attached to the soles and once melted can lead to slippery conditions inside.

Remember that Doctors offices would rather you cancel appointments last minute than risk any injury getting there. Stay inside where it is warm, dry and safe.


5. Eat a Varied Diet –

During winter, we have all tend to stay inside more and eat foods that we may not normally eat due to convenience and availability. Try to include plenty of foods that are high in Vitamin D such as milk, grains, and seafood. Maybe decide to change your Edmond Mobile Meals to include a milk if you do not receive one currently or have canned tuna that is easily stored and ready to eat. Vitamin D keeps our bones strong, our brains and heart healthy and helps to prevent the Winter blues.

It is imperative that we stay weather aware in Oklahoma but especially during these sometimes-dreary winter weather days. Edmond Mobile provides a “blizzard bag” that includes non-perishable foods for days that we may not be able to deliver meals. If you have not received one, please let us know.

The best advice during winter weather – Stay Inside, Stay Warm and Stay Safe.